Phoenix’s Extreme Monsoon Season is Damaging

Phoenix Monsoon Season

Home Damage Restoration During the Phoenix Monsoon Season

Scientists from the University of Arizona recently published research results indicating the monsoon season in the Phoenix area features fewer but more intense storms than 50 years ago. Extreme storms drench our area with torrential rainfalls that threaten buildings with water damage. Damaging winds flowing out of the thunderstorms often occur as downbursts or microbursts, the latter defined as winds confined to a 2.5-mile area or less. These vigorous and impossible to predict air currents can exceed 100 miles an hour and contribute to the devastation done to Phoenix properties during the monsoon season.

Homes and businesses affected by the force of violent winds and extraordinary amounts of rainfall need fast and reliable options for professional restoration after the storm. Highly qualified water damage technicians possess the knowledge and experience needed to efficiently remove water that invaded and to dry out interiors quickly. Speed is essential as additional harm to structure and belongings occurs within the first 24 to 48 hours after moisture invades. Wood warps, drywall crumbles, and mold spores find the moisture they need to grow into ever multiplying colonies. Unless you arrange to remove the standing fast and have powerful professional drying equipment positioned to reduce the lingering moisture, your Phoenix property risks permanent damage.

The winds that accompany the rains amplify the harm done by the monsoon storms, destroying roofs and ripping off or punching holes in the stucco, brick, or other cladding. More water makes its way inside, and the property owner faces the need to secure the building and arrange for repairs of the damaged exterior. Recovery from this type of storm is far beyond the capacity of individuals to complete without expert assistance. Also, many of your neighbors may be experiencing the same or even more profound level of damage. Local restoration companies will be stretched in their efforts to respond to the situation.

Selecting a disaster restoration company that can increase the scale of its response to the size of the community’s need makes the difference between a swift resolution to your personal crisis and waiting in line for help to come eventually. Successful restoration companies have access to networks of collaborating firms from a wider geographical area to ramp up their response. Trade chaos for cooperation and constructive progress when you hire a firm with nationwide resources to help you recover from water damage.



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