Mold Remediation In Phoenix Get Rid of it Now

Phoenix Flooded basement cleanup

Phoenix is one of the last places you expect to find mold. Anything you hear about the growth of this collection of more than 100,000 fungi indicates mold needs moisture to proliferate. The arid climate of Phoenix seems hostile to mold growth, so you may be less vigilant about noticing and reacting to any signs of microbial activity if your home or business is in this area.

phoenix water damageMold procreates using microscopic airborne spores. Spores exist everywhere, indoors and out, and cause few problems unless activated by water. Mold does not need much moisture to begin growing. Within homes and commercial buildings, even in a desert area, plenty of sources of water exist. Examples include leaky pipes, rainwater pushed under shingles during the monsoon season, clogged air conditioner drains, pet water bowls, high interior humidity, and overflowing appliances, sinks, and tubs.

Once it is activated, it needs only a source of carbon-based material for nourishment to thrive. A broad range of building materials contains cellulose, which is a perfect food for mold. Wood framing, drywall, plywood, pressed chipboard, wall paper, cabinets, trim, and flooring are some of the common surfaces to which mold attaches and digests. Often the growth is hidden and only made evident by a characteristic musty smell.

The moment you suspect that mold grows in your home or business you need to consult a reputable mold remediation company. Do it yourself remedies for mold removal often make the problem worse through the use of ineffective solutions. Common suggestions like diluted bleach rarely do more than lighten the dark staining mold leaves, leading you to believe the mold is gone while it continues to grow beneath the surface. Bleach solutions are mainly water, ironically feeding the mold rather than eradicating it.

Certified mold remediation specialists use protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to contain and remove mold safely. Equipment like HEPA air scrubbers prevent spores and other mold particles from infiltrating the rest of your property during the removal of the moldy material. Antimicrobials matched to the infestation and applied by professionals inhibit future growth.

Mold is likely to recur if the moisture issues are unresolved. Experts in water damage are uniquely suited to find and remedy this mold trigger. Look for a company that trains its technicians to IICRC standards in both water damage and mold remediation for the best outcome when you find mold in Phoenix.