Locating Mold Growth In Your Phoenix Home

Drywall Tips

For all of the risks and warnings that Phoenix homeowners understand about mold growth in their houses and exposure to the colonies, many still find it challenging to locate this occurrence in their Phoenix residence. With so many varieties of mold that could impact the property, it is essential to know where to look and how to identify potential issues before they get out of control. This ultimately allows professional mold remediation companies to work more efficiently in removing the problem.

Many varieties of mold and fungal growth are aggressive, especially when they are left to spread and thrive unbeknownst to the occupants of the house. One of the first things that a homeowner should recognize is that while mold can grow anywhere in your home when the appropriate conditions get met, you can often focus initial inspections to areas more prone to persistent moisture and possible water damage incidents. These areas include:

  • Crawlspaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Attic Space

Knowing how to spot a mold damage problem before it is a hazard can be a challenge in itself, but with a couple of helpful tips, you should at least be able to identify active colonies and have the information to contact professional remediation companies.

There are specific symptoms that a Phoenix homeowner should be mindful of that can help you determine the location or presence of new colony forming. The first of these symptoms is a strong musty odor. Mold spores and microbial damage emit a harsh odor that is a pungent warning of fungal concerns.

Spotting is another symptom that you should look for in damp areas of your house. This spread pattern of random dots can appear in hues of black, green or even orange. It is better to assume it is mold growth than to disregard this effect.

Experienced professional mold remediation companies in Phoenix offer inspection and assessment services. These work in part to reduce the possibility of mold growth before it occurs or to identify and remove this threat as it gets discovered. Experienced technicians have the equipment, safety gear, and expertise to remove present colonies and active spores in the environment and restore damages these destructive organisms cause.